Showcase is a publishing platform for everybody. It allows users everywhere to submit products they created, or link to interesting items they use or have seen. We want to bring the tech community together and make the app space vibrant. Any registered user can submit information for moderation and display. Products are verified by our team to ensure we reduce spamming and avoid links to virus infested resources.

  • Products
    The aim of showcase is to help developers or anybody interested in software to browse through a huge collection of products. Products revolve around software and fall in a wide variety, ranging from mobile and desktop applications, websites, blogs, browser add-on, libraries and many more.
  • Technologies
    The best part of showcase is the fact that we also provide information about software technologies. We allow users to specify which environment their product will run on, be it Android, Iphone, Windows, Mac or Linux. We also go a step further and track the technologies used in creating these interesting products. We believe this will help in building a useful community based on people with similar creative patterns.
  • Creators
    Creators are Companies or People who create stuff. We want to see who is creating what and where people are, members of a company and a whole lot more.
  • Words
    Words are what people are saying on social networks. We believe people have so many things to share and are already doing so, we bring them all together here for easy consumption. We currently synchronize posts from Twitter and Google+.
  • Activities
    We track activities of users because we want to know who helped us with content. This allows us to reward successful contributions with points. Points can be used for a host goodies we will be offering. Offerings include free adverts, priority listing and maybe a trip to Paga :)